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Please note: while I appreciate the desire to help out a developer and to reward them for their work, I’m thankful to have a full-time job as a WordPress developer, and write plugins and themes using what I learn there.

That said, thank you for wanting to donate. Here are a few options I’ll ask you to consider:

Threads of Compassion

Please consider helping with Threads of Compassion. This group of caring women and men knit and crochet beautiful scarves for survivors of sexual assault and abuse who are treated by the Rape Crisis Center in Oklahoma City.


Want to give a regulary scheduled amount? Gittip is a great way to donate small amounts (or large ones, if you’d like) on a recurring basis.

Digital Currencies

Exploring digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other altcoins? Me, too!



You can also donate any amount you want through PayPal, if you’re so inclined.